The Assumption Social Center Rules and Regualtions : Live Roses : Printed Flowers : Gifts : Personalized Items : Weddings

The function shall be conducted by the engager in an orderly manner and in full compliance of all the rules of The Assumption Social Center, with all applicable, laws ordinances and regulations. The Center reserves the right to impose any other reasonable regulations concerning the use of the facilities.

The Assumption Social Center shall not be liable for damage to, or loss of, any merchandise, samples, equipment, or any goods or personal property exhibited, displayed or left in any area of The Center, whether or not such damage is the result of, cause by, theft, fire, water, or any other cause whatsoever.

The Assumption social Center shall not be responsible for failure to perform due to causes beyond its control, such as labor disputes, utility failure, government acts and regulations, fire and other similar acts beyond its control. In such event, The Center shall not have liability or obligation other than return of deposit.

The Engager shall be responsible for any and all damages, and loses to the premises or property of the Assumption Social Center and / or others, caused by the Engager or any of the Engager’s employees, agents, guests, or other persons attending the function.



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