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  1. Menu and guaranteed number of guests must be submitted no less than ten days before party. (A guaranteed number of at least 300 people is needed to reserve hall.)
  2. The Assumption Social Center will provide, at no additional costs, candelabra, linen skirts, trays for cookies and rolls, china and silverware.
  3. The Engager is obligated to supply its own music, wedding cake, matches, napkins for cake, nuts and mints.
  4. No Rice Throwing.
  5. No party may be extended beyond the original scheduled time without consent of the Assumption Social Center. The Center will serve the party for four (4) hours. If bridal party wishes to eat early, one hour is provided before original time schedule of function. There will be an overtime charge after scheduled time period.
  6. All applicable charges, less any deposits paid, shall be due and payable on day of event, EXCEPT, that The Assumption Social Center reserves the right to require pay in FULL based on guaranteed amount TEN DAYS prior to event. A service charge of 6% of unpaid balance shall be applicable on any amount due and unpaid on or after second working day following event for the purpose of defraying expense incidental handling such as delinquent payment.
  7. Deposit required to confirm date. In case of cancellation, refund will be at the discretion of The Assumption Social Center.
  8. Bar closes at 11:00 P.M. .. Band must cease playing at 11:00 P.M. .. Everyone must leave hall by 11:30 P.M.
  9. Service charge, defrays expenses for setup and take down and hall cleaning. Any gratuity for bartenders, servers, cooks and busboys is optional to Engager’s discretion.
  10. The Center reserves the right to determine the best seating arrangement for the occasion.
  11. The Center will not be responsible for children misbehaving at the reception.
  12. No decorations of any kind are permitted to be placed on the walls or hung from the ceilings.
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